Modular Access Control System
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Modular Access Control System

Systems here, systems there, systems systems everywhere. To many IT administrators, maintaining user information across several independent software systems is just another day at work. The promise of centralized user stores has failed to materialize, because different systems need to use them in different ways for different things. Management has been simplified, but functionality has suffered. Until now. By marshaling user information from authoritative sources, macs enables centralized access and administration of user and resource information without getting in the way of applications that use the data. You'll benefit from macs by: So here's the skinny: any environment with multiple systems requiring user authentication, authorization and/or profiling, will benefit from macs. See the project's Sourceforge page for details.

macs is the Modular Access Control System.
Let it turn your IT systems into one.
For commercial installation and support,
Contact Medley Software Corporation.

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