Modular Access Control System
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The macs project was started at Autodesk in 1999. It began as a simple single signon solution for the company's internal and external applications. Soon, the innovative ideas at the heart of today's macs evolved the software in the direction it takes now.

In late 2000, macs was released under the GNU Public License, becoming free, open source software. Since then, two of the original Autodesk employees on the macs project, Mario Santana and Blake Mitchell, have been working to make the software more robust, fully-featured, and generally useful.

While macs is a free software project, Medley Software Corporation is a commercial entity that sponsors the project's development, distributes the software, and integrates it with any technologies that might benefit from macs. Contact them at

macs is the Modular Access Control System.
Let it turn your IT systems into one.
For commercial installation and support,
Contact Medley Software Corporation.

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