Modular Access Control System
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The following documentation is auto-generated and current.
Documents the public client API for C.
Serialized Data Blocks, MACS' protocol engine.
MACS client Apache module
Documents the Apache APXS MACS client module.
MACS core
Documents the MACS core perl modules.
MACS client PAM module
Documents the PAM MACS client module.
The following documentation is manually maintained, so it's not as perfectly up-to-date as the above. But it deals with less volatile aspects of MACS, so it's usually fairly reliable. We're working on a full-fledged set of user documents. So please bear with us, or better yet -- help out!
Technical Whitepaper
The MACS whitepaper gives an excellent overview. Or, at least it tries to. Makes a great starting point.
The latest README from the sources. It's only slightly more technically oriented than the whitepaper.
Login Readme
The latest README.login from the sources. It explains MACS' login process.
Resources Document
The latest resources.txt from the sources. It explains MACS' base data store.

macs is the Modular Access Control System.
Let it turn your IT systems into one.
For commercial installation and support,
Contact Medley Software Corporation.

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