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Mario D. Santana

Blake A. Mitchell

This API is alpha software. If you'd like to use it, call us. We'd love to help, and you'll need it! The API's implementation is documented here, but most people will be interested mostly in the modules page (see link above) or the libmacs.h header, both of which serve as an API reference.

Though this API is written in C, it can easily be bound to other languages. At the time of this writing, bindings are available in perl, Java, and C#. The API is clean and simple, and will try to stay backwards-compatible with itself. It currently depends on the expat library for parsing the configuration file.

To understand this API, we recommend starting with the macs_session structure and the macs_init() and macs_new_sess() functions.

The basic steps in using this API are:

  1. initialize the MACS library with macs_init();
  2. optionally create new sessions in with macs_new_sess();
  3. optionally log the session(s) in with macs_login();
  4. use the rest of the APIs to perform authorization- and profile-related operations;
  5. optionally close the session(s) with macs_logout(); and
  6. free the session(s) with macs_exit()

Error handling

More complete unit testing

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